Cape Cod Mall

We are back from another 12-hour exhibit-moving day! This time Iain and I made the journey from Salem, New Hampshire to Hyannis, Massachusetts with the added challenge of Sunday night Cape Cod traffic, but it’s up and we’re done for another month.

We are incredibly lucky that our friends at the Simon Corporation and Cape Cod Mall were willing to invite us to Cape Cod at the most ideal time of year. Although that Cape is currently as drought-stricken and brown as our own Cape, there was no shortage of human life at the mall, so we’re excited for the opportunity.

Ready for Monday morning opening

At each location we include a list of Mental Health Resources, such as the local chapter of NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) with free support groups, The NAN Project, Time to Tell, Veteran’s Crisis Line, Postpartum Support, and this month I was able to add the new 988 Suicide and Crisis Line, for those who are not aware of this new national service. In addition, The NAN Project has provided me with wallet/phone-size cards people can grab and go:

We hope this provides comfort and support to the residents of the Cape and all of those vacationers passing through.

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