July Exhibits

I feel bad about my husband’s holiday weekend. We have exhibit moves once a month, but this one was a doozy.

Friday night we loaded up the good old Prius for a 3-hour round-trip drive to Worcester for set-up at the Briarwood Retirement Community, who have waited for their exhibit since a planning meeting in 2019, due to Covid.

It was one of the warmest receptions we’ve received, and they wasted no time in reading the essays.

Merry reading Sophie’s essay about her eating disorder recovery to husband Bob

Sunday morning we were off to UHaul to pick up the van for take-down at Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua (another two hours of driving). We loaded the exhibit in the pre-opening hours and drove home to unload one batch and load another, for an evening 2-hour round-trip drive to post-closing at the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, NH

We are still traveling with a list of mental health resources tailored to the region as part of the exhibit, along with brochures and new emergency number cards from the NAN Project.

Sunday night we crashed and listened to the fireworks from the couch.

I’m grateful to these locations for their generosity in hosting us, and to my husband for giving up his holiday. Eventually we’ll run out of exhibit locations…:)

5 thoughts on “July Exhibits

  1. I hope you give yourself some time to rest. They can be dangerous taking your work home all the time. Please keep your sanity and your energy for future projects.



  2. Your exhibit here at Briarwood is very compelling . I was once psychiatric nurse therapist and so hopefully have been a part of the solution for some folks along the way. Thank you for letting us see your work. We are hoping to have an open reception here sometime in August, and would love for you to come and talk about your work in person.


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