I Am More began as a public art and writing project to remind us that we are more than our mental illness, health diagnosis, physical disability or life situation. Regardless of the adversity we face, we all have skills, gifts, loves and hopes that are sometimes overshadowed. The project has since grown to embrace whatever those three words mean to you, whether it’s “I am more than…” or “I am more because…”

You can be a part of I Am More by:

  • Volunteering as a portrait subject to share your face and message for publication/exhibit
  • Suggesting the project to an individual who might benefit from participating as a portrait subject
  • Hosting an exhibit of portraits and essays
  • Contributing funding for future portraits and exhibits
  • Embracing the message in your art, writing, organization, school or business
  • Hosting an event featuring art or performance with the theme I Am More

Contact Amy Kerr at for more information.