I Am More

Since 2017 I have dedicated my career in art to my public art and writing project I Am More.

I Am More began as a local portrait series in Cape Ann, inspired by my own journey with depression, to start a conversation in public spaces about all the ways we are more than our challenges. It has now expanded to include portrait subjects from around Massachusetts and beyond, writing about how they are more than their mental illness, physical disability, health diagnosis or life situation. The pastel and colored pencil portraits of, along with an essay written by each subject, have been viewed in shopping centers, government buildings, hospitals, schools, libraries and performing arts spaces around New England.

Each exhibit provides an opportunity for local organizations including non-profits, schools and local government to provide resources and engage the individuals they serve by using the portraits as a way to start a conversation about subjects that are so often taboo like mental illness and addiction.

If you would like to inquire about hosting an I Am More exhibit or sponsoring a portrait, please contact me at amykerrdraws@gmail.com.