I Am More: MA at the NorthShore Mall

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor puddles, ice, insomnia, etc. could keep us from hanging the NorthShore Mall exhibit of I Am More: Massachusetts this morning! The insomnia was from hearing the sleet begin at 2:30 in the morning and lasted pretty much until it was time to fire up the UHaul and head to the mall in the storm (the sleet continued).

We were fresh off taking down the Lawrence regional exhibit yesterday, so the van was packed and ready. It didn’t get tricky until we arrived to wind, slippery sidewalks, sleet and puddles to cart the portraits through. NAMI Greater North Shore President Chris Sadkowski was ready and able to help at 9:30, along with daughter Dylan, and between the four of us we did what no one has done before at the NorthShore Mall–put up a fine art display.


The location in front of Macy’s and Newbury Comics is incredible, with skylights above, plenty of room for wheelchairs or strollers, and a lounge right next door. The morning “walkers” were very curious as they strolled past and some stopped to ask what we were doing.


We were joined by Salem News reporter Ethan Forman and photographer Jim to interview us, along with the special guest of the morning, Jessica of Jessica and Mila.

You can come celebrate with us this Friday night, January 3rd from 7-9 pm on the Upper Level in front of Macy’s.


We are extremely grateful to Lauren Dalis and everyone at the NorthShore Mall for their generosity, to Chris Sadkowski and NAMI Greater North Shore, along with the Office of Congressman Seth Moulton for their help in making this exhibit happen.






2 thoughts on “I Am More: MA at the NorthShore Mall

  1. Congratulations on your new exhibit which will reach a lot of people (being in the mall) and for braving such bad weather! As always, I wish you the very best with your amazing art show, I wish I could go to it, and Happy New Years to you, Iain and Dylan!!


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