Lawrence Opening of I Am More: MA

It’s time for the second of five regional openings of I Am More: Massachusetts, and this time it’s the city of Lawrence! When I met with Lawrence portrait subject Chris and told him it was important to me to have one of the five exhibits in Lawrence he said, “Well then it should be at El Taller. That’s where everyone goes.” A year later Iain and I were hanging portraits in El Taller Cafe/Bookstore. The place is abuzz with activity of all the best kinds–

  • FOOD from Spanish lattes and breakfast burritos in the morning, to chilaquiles (tortilla soup), ribs and sweet fries, tortas and mollettes (sandwiches) the rest of the day, to flan and sundaes for dessert, plus beer and wine and lots of vegetarian and vegan options
  • ART covering the walls and countertops, performances of music, poetry, readings and a meeting space for creators of every kind. Even the furniture and walls are beautifully crafted from reclaimed pieces of Lawrence mills
  • BOOKS for sale of all kinds, from children’s books to literature, poetry, cookbooks and more

Fueling The Pulse Of Human Creativity Through Literacy, Community Gatherings, Conversation And Good Food. 

That is the description on the El Taller website, so what better place to host I Am More: Massachusetts? We are very grateful to owner Mary Guerrero for making the exhibit possible, and Gallery Manager Celeste Cruz for her enthusiasm and support.

Join us this Friday December 6th from 7-9 pm at 275 Essex Street for food, art, books and community. The exhibit can be seen through December 28th.


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