I Am More Display Feedback

When I’m home alone drawing I have very little idea what effect the I Am More displays are having on the public. I’m hoping people are benefitting from the message of the project, but most of the time I don’t really know. Today was an exception–when I went to pick up my holds at the library my favorite librarian, John, said, “Is that your work at City Hall?!” I said yes, and he held up the entire line telling me how I had captured each and every subject…and the mayor’s portrait…on and on until I was bright red. When he turned to the woman waiting in line behind me and told her how she had to go right over and see it I slunk away with my books.

Recently I received this testimonial from Marcia Hubbard at The Open Door:

The Open Door, a local hunger-relief organization in Gloucester, Massachusetts, had the great honor of exhibiting two of Amy Kerr’s portraits,from the I Am More exhibit, Ramani and Emilia, during July, 2018. We are proud to have been a part of the conversation sparked by these portraits, as well as the whole of the exhibit’s essays and portraits. While at The Open Door, many guests and employees viewed the portraits and shared their connection and reaction to the powerful messages and sense of joy through struggle that is evident in these images. Each of the 16 portraits in the exhibit touches on the viewer, either their own personal struggle, or the known struggle of a friend, family member, neighbor, or community contact. Having these touching portraits hung in our food pantries and meal programs provided access to this meaningful exhibit to almost 8,000 vulnerable clients in a community setting. We look forward to another opportunity to exhibit two more portraits and essays, Julia and Henry, in January, 2019.
Marcia Hubbard
Business/Human Resources Manager
The Open Door
To host an I Am More display in your business or organization contact me at amykerrdraws@gmail.com.
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3 thoughts on “I Am More Display Feedback

  1. Awesome! I saw them at Salt Water Massage Studio. I had seen them before but they caught my eye and I had to take them in again. It was a good spot.

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