I Am More: Jessica

When I met Jessica, we talked about her childhood, her schooling, her passion for helping others and speaking about her disorder, but when she brought up Journey, her emotional support animal, her entire demeanor changed. It was clear that Journey had been a major part of her healing path. Sadly, Journey had to be put to sleep in December of 2017, so it seemed appropriate to use the portrait as a way of honoring their relationship and her memory:

Jessica and Journey, 2018. Pastel on paper, 16×20 inches

I am more than my mental health diagnosis.

Growing up, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) took over.
Depression grew louder,
The tears became heavier.
The silence was strong, and I was confused as to where I belong.
Anxiety crept in,
even the fears won…I didn’t know if I was the one to blame?
I felt lost, exhausted, and overall, so much guilt and shame.
20 years have gone by,
I have learned that with time, everything begins to fall into place.
It all makes sense now, I have managed life somehow.
Treatment, hospitals, medication, support, and most of all, my own strength.
I have grown, I am learning to ride the wave and life.
Life according to my values.


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3 thoughts on “I Am More: Jessica

  1. Jessica: I know well how an animal companion can be of help. My Roger dog who died 3 years ago at age 15 was my saving grace. A photo portrait of him “smiling” reminds me daily that I was loved. His spirit remains… the divine in me salutes the divine in you – Namaste. Carol


  2. Jessica, it is wonderful that you have come over the mountain of your illness especially with the help of your dog Journey! Believing in each other is a huge part of your recovery. Wishing you much success! Hold your head high!


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