Messages of Love

It’s been 24 hours of naps, laundry, dog snuggles, Incredibles 2, all to absorb the weekend of the I Am More opening exhibit. I could sleep another week but there’s lots to do because the public wants MORE.

With Chris Cho’s music playing in the background, I tried my best to listen to each person – their stories of loss, depression, sexual assault, bullying. I listened to parents and grandparents, terrified for family members  who needed help. I watched the same faces return day after day with new friends and family, once to read the words, once more to just look at the faces.



As we pack up the portraits for their monthly displays (I will post the schedule soon), I wanted to share some of the messages left by the visitors:


No one is alone. We are not alone.

Thank you for this beautiful exhibit! Thank you to all the brave people and their stories.

IMG_6436 2I am reminded of the definition of “brave” – feeling the fear and doing it anyways. You are all brave for being so vulnerable!!!

Thank you for these glimpses of hope. Mother of a depressed daughter, an anxious son, and friend to a friend no longer here – by her own hand. Touching, kind, helping others be grateful and understanding. This helps.

Heartbreaking, inspiring, courageous, powerful. A gift to us. Thank you.

IMG_6437 2Our Similarities are Stronger than our Differences

I love the stories. I am astounded by these portraits, Amy. Amazing!

These brave stories comfort me. Everyone has some battle. Thank you for this.

I am more than all the labels that society claims – I am me!

Remember, we are all more. Be patient, kind.

“You are priceless – fearfully and wonderfully made.” Thank you for your insight, talent and the recognition that we are all more than how others define us.

IMG_6440 2yin/yang of life, we are all dealing with hurt and joy

Quite overwhelming. So courageous and helpful for everyone.

I am so inspired by the courage shown to bare one’s soul. The talent as a means of healing is awesome.

Totally emotional and moving experience!

Would you like to live forever? What’s wrong with today!

I am bipolar, attempted suicide at 18. Tried again at age 53. My daughter got me help. I hide because of the stigma. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

IMG_6441 2Thanks you for your beautiful and enlightened effort to create “I Am More.” You should feel very proud of this exhibit. I am so moved. And to all of your portrait subjects–thank you for your courage to share your pain and especially your continued celebration of your “you-ness.”

Very UPLIFTING, Amy. Thank you!

This show is so powerful, thought-provoking and real. Thank you for doing it and sharing with all of us your amazing vision.

Thank you for doing your work and putting this exhibit together. As an artist who has believed in its healing power since the 70s when I painted my way out of a severe depression, I am in awe of these portraits and their stories.

I am making a huge change (“The End”). It is painful and scary and depression is my companion. I am unsure but determined.

IMG_6442 2Out of the dark and into the light…a needed spotlight on a neglected subject. Timely show. Thank you Amy.

I am more than the “cloud” I live under. I take my medicine and am thankful that my anxiety is managed.

This show is such a gift. Your light and talent shines. Brene Brown would be proud!

I am sure many will leave this show feeling empowered to overcome their fears–it took courage for everyone to reveal their demons and will surely help others do the same.


the power to overcome…survive!

AMAZING. So beautiful and amazing. The honesty, courage, creativity. A timely place for me to be guided to…A week ago I was in my dark place, not even..just days ago I was there, I’m still resurfacing, not there yet. Tears as I write this. Thank you thank you. I hope I am more. This was so great!

IMG_6438 2Thank you, all, for sharing your stories, yourselves and your amazing artwork. My heart is touched by each one. Every person’s life journey is unique and precious and I wish you all the best with what lies ahead.

An extraordinary exhibition. so often people’s pain is overlooked. You have seen into and beyond and helped bring the humanity to the foreground.

Thank you! I am grateful for these beautiful images and stories. What bravery it takes to share oneself in such personal ways. All are truly beautiful and majestic beings.

You are more than AWESOME for bringing this work forward to us.

The right Px cocktail and proper therapist changed it for me. Courage. Understanding. Peace.

The portraits are unbelievably beautiful; add the personal stories, and it takes your breath away!

Beautiful installation of your art, mixed with stories of people brave enough to share. Healing on many levels, for many people. Thank you!

Outstanding! This exhibit should be displayed in schools – public libraries to help those children and parents managing mental illness. To give hope and inspiration!

You are all an inspiration to everyone who sees your work.

IMG_6443 2

To follow the project enter your email on the right side of the blog. To reserve one or more portraits for a month-long display or to become an I Am More sponsor please email Amy Kerr at


5 thoughts on “Messages of Love

  1. I was there Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I was just blown away by the tears, compassion, joy, love. Amy has been working alone in her living room for over a year creating these portraits and stories, I am so happy and proud of her for bringing them into the daylight and sharing her skills and this philosophy – I am More – with so many of us.

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