I Am More: Jim

We met Jim Casey when the RV Odyssey first arrived in Gloucester in 2005 for a refit at Gloucester Marine Railways. Jim worked on the boat, along with his late brother Pat. Since then, he’s been a regular fixture helping out at Ocean Alliance at the Paint Factory. All of the woodwork in the Ocean Alliance office was painstakingly refinished by Jim, and he’s always around to help with a shoreline cleanup or event. It was only when I came out with my own depression that he reached out to me about his.

Jim, 2017. Pastel on paper, 16×20 inches

I am more than my depression. It is not the whole of me. My depression may make me see the world and myself in a different, darker way at times, but I am more than that.

I have people in my life who care when I can’t seem to. Friends who are glad that I am around, and I them. Friends who I laugh with and talk over old times. Just a few is enough if you have the right ones. Just five minutes of laughter can change your whole day.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 3.01.06 PM
Pat, Jim, and former presidential candidate Vermin Supreme c. 1979

 I am grateful to live around so much beauty, in the water and on land–familiar old places I was so lucky to have grown up with and can still enjoy. There is nothing that can match the sun on the water, the tide coming up, while the breeze hits your face. 

Gray days may be many, but I’ve learned to work through them. The future holds hope of better days coming, but today is not done yet and I’m still holding strong.

Cleaning up the Paint Factory shoreline

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2 thoughts on “I Am More: Jim

  1. A great story about a really good guy – not sure that I recognize him in the group photo though. You can tell though this drawing that Jim is more – well done Amy


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