Be a Part of I Am More

I recently received the following message from a Facebook friend who had read my blog post about the launch of the I Am More project:

you know, just read your latest blog there. drawn in curious about the title, ‘i am more.’ i am more? what does she mean? the average american thing is ‘i want more.’ as i read it i felt my heart kinda soar a little, as if just thinking of the idea gave it wings, lifting it out of some dark dark place i’ve been finding myself stuck in a lot lately. i could boldly proclaim, i am SO much more than my pain! (insert list here!)

Photo by Alexandra Stella D’Maris

It has always been my intention to have the portrait subjects of this series write a piece to accompany their portrait, beginning with the phrase “I am more than my ________.”

I am more than my grief…

I am more than my depression….

I am more than my eating disorder….

Photo by Melissa Young

Then they can share the things that make them more–the things that they contribute to the world, the things that make them unique and irreplaceable to their loved ones. Each writing piece will be displayed next to the portrait when the time comes for the art show.

Since I began this project, the messages I’ve received in public and in private have knocked me over. From people sharing stories of their own pain or the suffering of their loved ones, but more surprisingly the idea that the words “I Am More” have stirred people to feel something new and empowering.

I’d like to offer you the opportunity to participate in the I Am More project by writing your own piece beginning “I am more than my _________” and sharing the things that make you more. You can post them to my Facebook page or email them to and I will share them with followers of the project. Feel free to include a photo to accompany the piece either of yourself, or of something meaningful to you. If you have friends or loved ones who might benefit from this project they can follow along on my Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter.

I have no doubt that your story will touch someone, and the cycle will continue.

Photo by Iain Kerr

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