The Mall of New Hampshire

It was another 13-hour day of moving, but The Mall of New Hampshire has a brand-new exhibit this morning in front of Dick’s Sporting Goods, our third exhibit in New Hampshire, 49th overall. Someone recently compared me to a gypsy traveling from town to town.

We said good-bye to Northshore Mall in the morning and brought the UHaul home to unload and re-load portraits. This was also my time to add a new feature, brainstormed with my friend Ulla, who found the essays difficult to read…new QR codes!

The codes link to the online version of the essay so that viewers can read on their phones, and also allow for the full versions of the essays to be read, whereas the in-person essays are abridged for space-saving reasons. This means a viewer can now read Margot’s full story, as she intended:

Along with the new Spanish translations, we’re trying to get these messages across to as many viewers as possible.

So, after reloading and driving to Manchester, New Hampshire we were faced with unloading in 20-degree snow and ice conditions:

Iain forgot his gloves so the metal trolley was extra fun to navigate through the snow – he’s a trooper!

Once inside the empty mall it was quick work to get the exhibit up, but then there was the drive home, and the van drop-off/unload, and the car unload, but it was worth it to reach a new area with these messages of hope.

NAMI New Hampshire is providing resources at the exhibit, and we continue to disperse emergency number cards from The NAN Project. Thank you to the mall and these amazing organizations for helping us out!

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