Burlington Mall

On Sunday Iain and I got in our second home, the UHaul van, and traveled to South Shore Plaza to pick up the I Am More exhibit, brought it back to the Paint Factory, unloaded, re-loaded a different I Am More exhibit and drove it to Burlington Mall, where we unloaded after closing and set up a new exhibit! Then we got stuck in road construction on the way home and staggered to bed.

We are grateful to Burlington Mall staff for the fabulous location:

You can find it by entering the mall next to Legal Seafood and going straight to the center/right. The exhibit will be up through May 8th (Mother’s Day) and will then move to The Shops at Chestnut Hill.

This month if you grab a copy of NorthShore Magazine you can see an article about I Am More written by Karen Nascembini, with photos by Jared Charney. I received a kind message from Jared in January after he had been escorted to the mall by his daughter, where he happened upon the I Am More exhibit there and found it “quite wonderful.” He eventually pitched a story about the project to NorthShore magazine and we had a fun morning a few weeks ago, poking around our property and the Paint Factory with his camera. Karen signed on as the writer, having connections to both of us, and did a better job of explaining the project than I ever could. You’ll be learning more about both of them soon.

Which brings us to today, in which I was patting myself on the back for receiving $800 in donations this month, only to receive a call that I could put a 10 in front of that number. That’s quite a few frames and a whole lot of UHaul van rentals!! I’m still digesting this crazy news and forever grateful to the generous friends keeping the message going.

5 thoughts on “Burlington Mall

  1. Amy, Very cool. Can’t wait to get the magazine! I have been preoccupied with some coronary procedures and a memorial service for my father next week in Buffalo. Then April 22 another stent procedure. After a little recovery time I’ll be back in action! So look out! Chris

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  2. Wow – fantastic donation – and we’ll deserved. Saw the movie “Coda.” Did I see the Paint Factory in the background? Sara

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    1. Yes, exciting, thanks! I don’t think you saw the Paint Factory in CODA, but pretty much everything else on Cape Ann! We loved the movie but Iain was surprised the PF didn’t manage to get in. We’ll always have The Perfect Storm 🙂


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