Christmas Surprises

It’s time to unveil some work I did over the holiday, squeezed in between new I Am More portraits. None of these were on my radar at the start of December, but by Christmas everything fell into place.

The first was a surprise for a long-ago classmate of mine. Happy and I go back at least as far as first grade according to my mother’s well-kept records:

Miss Martin’s First Grade Class (Happy is middle row, second from right, I’m first row, second from left)

It had come to my attention that Happy’s family members were dealing with more than their fair share of challenges, and since Happy had always expressed interest and support for my work, I snooped around on Facebook and found an image of them that seemed purely happy and loving to create a surprise portrait for Christmas. My parents delivered it home to Vermont for Happy and her family:

The Knapp Family, 2021. Pencil on paper, 18x20in.

As soon as I had put away my pencils a request came in for a Christmas commission for another family, at a very different stage of life. I had just enough time to have it done in time to join my parents’ sleigh full of presents bound for Vermont:

The Cauley Family, 2021. Pencil on paper, 18x18in.

And finally, a request from Dylan for a “little sketch” for Christmas to take back to Chicago, my choice:

Fiyero sunrise, 2021. Pastel on paper, 8x10in.

Portrait commissions support I Am More by allowing me to earn a living since I’m currently not being paid for my time creating portraits and exhibits for the project. All I Am More donations (through Ocean Alliance) go straight to framing and transport for the benefit of the public. To learn more about portrait commissions check out my page here.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Surprises

  1. Not only was Miss Martin Amy’s First grade teacher but also Amy’s next door neighbor! Oh, the stories we have! Keep up the good work Amy. It touches people in so many ways! Love you!


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