New “I Am More” at the Paint Factory

In 2018 the first I Am More exhibit opened at the Paint Factory in Gloucester and now we’re returning with I Am More: Massachusetts for the first time in our home city.

Iain saw the opportunity last Thursday after the Cape Ann Makers Market moved on to the site as part of the city’s Culture Splash series of events. Vendors filled the parking lot, patio and the lower level of the newly-renovated brick factory building and the people came. They came by foot, by car, by water shuttle, bike and trolley (free rides for all). They came with their dogs and children and turned that working-waterfront site into a hopping market.

I Am More subject Donna on the far left with her beach towels

There was also a SnotBot booth with t-shirts, children’s books and SnotBot in attendance.

On August 19th they are doing it all again, this time with the addition of I Am More: Massachusetts for the first time in Gloucester.

If you haven’t been to the Paint Factory since the opening exhibit, a lot has happened. There are massive new docks capable of handling massive boats, a new seawall completed this summer, and in the brick factory building, no more leaking brick walls. There is insulation, drywall, heat, wiring, bathrooms, a patio, mural, and…whales on the floors.

The exhibit will be open Thursday, August 19th upstairs in the newly-renovated brick factory building during the Cape Ann Makers Market from 4-8pm, and will remain up Friday through Sunday from 12-5pm. You can find the Culture Splash map and schedule here and info about the market below. Looking forward to seeing you at this brief but exciting event!

I Am More exhibit note: We have just retrieved the original 16 portraits and essays from Brattleboro Memorial Hospital after a long pandemic stay, and they are available in any number for display from now until the end of August if you have the space and the need. Email me at

10 thoughts on “New “I Am More” at the Paint Factory

  1. So proud of you. That sounds like a great event. I’ve enjoyed Iain in the Azores too, and Dylan in Dance. Thanks all for keeping me posted.

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  2. So great! ALL of it! Want to make it up soon to see that floor – would have LOVED to have seen Amy’s Exhibit! xoxo


  3. Amy, your show literally blew me away! As we left your magnificent docks, deep within the surge of love for The Ocean Alliance–Iain, Chris, Alicia, and Mark and everything they and You have created at That Magical, Historic Space–and we went off on the rest of our 5-week sail, the highlight of it was seeing your enrapturing art and exhibit and staying at the Ocean Alliance!! Just stellar. Beyond words, really. Thank You!


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