It’s been a year since I picked up a drawing pencil. The drawing wall has been a blank sheet of paper for twelve months and I haven’t cared. I wondered if I would ever care again. As has happened in the past, it took the lost of a beloved individual to get me moving again.




Ted, 2020. Colored pencil on paper, 16×20 inches

Ted Suchecki was someone we knew since we started coming to Gloucester in 2005. His wife Lauren owned The Last Stop, the favorite lunch place of the RV Odyssey crew while they were docked at Gloucester Marine Railways. When we’d come visit the boat, we’d visit Lauren. Ted had his own business, running a construction company for feature films shooting in the Boston area, so his work has been featured in many films you’ve seen.

We shared a love of travel with Lauren and Ted, and swapped ideas and locations. It was while they were on vacation at the end of last year that Ted passed suddenly, leaving his friends shocked and his wife heartbroken.

This portrait is my gift to Lauren. I handed her the cardboard tube today in her yard, masks on, no hugs. Just a recognition in her eyes of what it was.

There are just three colors on white paper: Crimson Red, Canary Yellow, and China Blue.

Ted was also a sponsor, with Lauren, of I Am More: Massachusetts and I’m proud that his name will accompany the exhibit wherever it goes.

15 thoughts on “Ted

  1. Amy

    That’s a lovely drawing. What a gift.

    I did not know Ted but we all loved Lauren.

    Re painting/drawing I’ve often had many months in between series and I don’t worry any more because as mysteriously as it leaves it comes back. When the time is right…like this drawing.

    You are a wonderful sensitive soul

    Love, Ruth







  2. Really nice portrait. I am sure Lauren appreciates it. I had to enlarge to catch that cigar! He looks way too young though. Best, Chris

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  3. Dear Amy, We are so proud of you and your desire to pick up the pencils again! You have given Lauren a gift that nobody else could. Blessings to you! Love Mom & Dad


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  4. Amy as I sit here in Australia looking at your beautiful drawing of Ted, I am tearing up. He was my brother’s ‘brother from another mother’ in USA and you have so perfectly depicted Ted here. Lauren must be overjoyed at your generosity. I hope you continue to create such beautiful works.


    1. Thanks for letting me know, Monica, I’m so glad it represents him well. I’m grateful because I really enjoyed doing it and needed a purpose after having so much of my work shut down like everyone else. Take care in Australia!


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