Sawyer Free Library Exhibit

During the month of July ten of the original I Am More portraits will be on display in the Matz Gallery at the Sawyer Free Library in Gloucester–my library! I am there every week picking up books, so it was an honor for the project to be chosen for a display in the gallery.

Here’s a message I received in the first couple of days :

I watched as you put up your art display at the Sawyer library the other day, and noted on your talent as an artist. You replied saying to wait until I read the stories. When I returned the next day to return the book I read overnight, I was shaken by the captions, touched, relieved that there are others like me.
Tragically, as a society we do not talk about anxiety, depression, or other painful ailments. Fortunately, there are people like you, who open the eyes to the reality.
What you created is poetry.
Thank you.
Thank you to the staff, the gallery committee who helped hang the exhibit (with Iain, of course), and to the patrons for taking the time to read.

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