I Am More: Addison Gilbert Hospital

Happy Halloween!! I hope no one comes to the door because we are too tired to greet them (left a bowl outside). Iain and I have been hanging portraits at Addison Gilbert Hospital all afternoon after retrieving them from Action Inc.

When I initially approached AGH about a display, they said their gallery wall was booked two years in advance if I wanted to wait. When I explained the timely circumstances of the portrait series they agreed that it was important to find the space. So find space they did:

First we hung portraits, including Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken, who worked at AGH before being elected mayor, in the check-in area:

Check In

If I had a nickel (or preferably a dollar) for every time a patient stopped and exclaimed, “Look, it’s Sefatia!” Then we moved on to the cafeteria where we were given our own little gallery corner:

Caf 1

Caf 2

We had a long chat with an employee who was loving Patrick’s portrait because he has a rescue dog from Cape Ann Animal Aid–a buggle. I’m too tired to remember what a buggle is but he showed us photos. Then we moved upstairs to the fourth floor where we were given a beautiful hallway outside Lahey Health Primary Care and Gorton’s Specialty and Cancer Care Center:



In the two hours that we were there hanging, the feedback was amazing—there is a lot of traffic in that hospital!

You can see the 16 original I Am More portraits at Addison Gilbert through the end of November. A big thank you to Deb Sacco, Cynthia Cafasso Donaldson, VP, and everyone at AGH for opening up new spaces to let these stories in. Thanks, as always, to my industrious husband who has yet to meet a hanging surface he couldn’t conquer.

To host an I Am More display in your business or organization contact me at amykerrdraws@gmail.com.
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