I Am More: Amy

I am more than my depression.

I am

A daughter, her mother, his wife, their aunt, a friend, a neighbor, an artist, a writer, the gardener, the cook, an insomniac, a Twitter addict, a litter picker, a self-directed learner, the younger sister

brushing dad's hair234

I am

curly, freckled, cautious, protective to a fault, mystified by humans, huggable, reclusive


I fear

snakes, parties, intellectuals, teen drivers, cancer treatments, phone calls, suffocating, paying for college, drawing plants, close friendships, being alone


I want

to like snakes, Trump to go away, Dylan to know she is amazing, to control my temper, Popo and Fiyero to stop barking, someone to paint my house, to be authentic, to take away pain, people to care about the Earth, peace in my family, to draw without worry for money


I love

bees, butterflies and birds in the garden, a shady spot with a breeze, butter mixed with peanut butter eaten with a spoon, Popo’s underbite, Fiyero’s bedhead, sheets dried in the sun, my fat lemon-yellow daylilies, being barefoot, drawing eyes, watching Iain inspire a room, Grammy’s garden, talking big storms with my Dad, when Dylan walks in the door


If you would like to share how you are more than your depression, grief, addiction, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorder or OCD please email me at amykerrdraws@gmail.com for a Writing Guide.



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