Wellesley Free Library

We’re back. Today Iain and I put up the first I Am More: Massachusetts exhibit since March at the Wellesley Free Library. The library reached out to me over a year ago to suggest hosting the exhibit and I assumed it would be canceled like everything else, but they said, no, everyone needs art right now–it’s happening. It is a big beautiful library and the exhibit is in the lobby just inside the entrance, and in the Wakelin Room just off the lobby for the month of January. Thank you to the librarians, staff and volunteers in every community library.

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Home Safe

There is tap practice going on in the next room. Our musical theatre college freshman made a miraculous effort to move herself out of her downtown Chicago apartment, into storage, and got herself on a plane home. Never has loud tapping, beginner piano practice, and a car ride filled with show tunes sounded better.

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Lots of Good News!

News is accumulating quickly so I thought I’d better open the floodgates while I can.

IMG_8605The next confirmed regional exhibit of I Am More: Massachusetts will be at UMass Amherst! This was my first choice as a western MA location, and with the help of Dr. Corey Griffin, the Public Art Committee unanimously approved hosting the exhibit on campus. We looked at the most high-traffic areas for students, staff and faculty and we’re now finalizing the location for a late winter/early spring exhibit. Continue reading

Worcester Words

Today Iain and I packed up the exhibit at the Worcester PopUp and stowed the portraits at home for a few weeks. There were still viewers there reading and we were told the gallery has had a steady stream of people from all over, including out-of-state to see it. I wanted to share with you some of the contributions to the participation board and some messages in the guestbook: Continue reading