NAMI I Am More Event

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) provides education, advocacy and support at the national, state and local level. There is likely to be a NAMI chapter in your area that provides free support groups and resources for those in mental illness recovery and their loved ones.

I was happy to have NAMI Cape Ann as our partner at the opening of I Am More last year, and next week NAMI Greater North Shore will be hosting the original 16 portraits for an evening event at the Danvers Art Association: Continue reading

I Am More: Eliana

Meeting Eliana in person, it was obvious that this was a person who put others first. She went out of her way to make sure our meetings were convenient for me in every way. Now that I know where she’s come from and what she’s been through, it’s clear that a life of service was her natural calling. Her portrait honors the historic mill town where she grew up:
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More Good News!!


A huge thank you to BankGloucester for sponsoring a new Gloucester portrait to be unveiled this spring. Their generosity will enable this portrait to travel around the state as part of I Am More: Massachusetts.

Thanks to additional new sponsors Ocean Alliance, Laurie Taylor, and Anne and Richard Rosenfeld for helping to make this traveling display possible.

This brings us to $22K of our goal of $40K for I Am More: Massachusetts !

If you would like to help make the I Am More: Massachusetts displays possible, checks can be made out to Ocean Alliance with “I Am More” on the memo line, and sent to Amy Kerr, 3 Ledge Road, Gloucester, MA 01930. All contributions are tax deductible. Any amount helps! Continue reading

I Am More: David

This November Iain and I found ourselves in the Old Indian Meeting House in Mashpee, MA. David had invited us for the Mashpee Wampanoag Thanksgiving service and meal, and after watching him lead the drumming group we listened to each member of the tribe describe what they were thankful for, and the overwhelming answer was…each other. Witnessing David acting as a leader in his community, it now becomes clear after reading his piece where that leadership came from: Continue reading

Good News!

Today Iain said if we were living in our daughter’s theatre world, last week would have been “Tech Week” for us. On top of all of his work at Ocean Alliance, we took a portrait exhibit down and put one up within 24 hours, took Dylan to a college audition, I had two portrait meetings, a site visit, finished and published a portrait, and Iain made his live storytelling debut at “Fish Tales: OMG” at Gloucester Stage. Continue reading

I Am More: Donna J

Not long ago I sat in a cozy livingroom curled up on the couch next to a wood stove, surrounded by a view of mountains that I cannot even describe. I was chatting with Donna for the first time, but I already knew her life story. I had just finished her book so I had a deep respect for the journey she had made in her life to arrive at this point. What I’ve learned from Donna is that there are healers all around us–our friends, lovers, peers and practitioners of all kinds who are just waiting for us to find them and to allow them into our lives:

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I Am More: Chris V.

Until we started working on his portrait I only knew Chris as a performer (and one of my favorites). Whether in plays, musicals, or show choir concerts, what came through for me was a confident leadership that enveloped his fellow performers in an almost invisible embrace that said, “I’m here for you, we’re going to give it our all, and we’re going to have a great time doing it.” After reading his words below, it all makes sense: Continue reading

Support I Am More

Since January of 2017, when I got off the couch and started drawing, the purpose of I Am More has been to remind people (and myself) that we are more than our mental struggles. Twenty-five people have shared their faces and their words for your benefit. Thirteen organizations and businesses have opened their spaces to these portraits and stories for the benefit of their clients and patrons. Six people told their stories live in front of a standing-room only audience. Continue reading

I Am More: Addison Gilbert Hospital

Happy Halloween!! I hope no one comes to the door because we are too tired to greet them (left a bowl outside). Iain and I have been hanging portraits at Addison Gilbert Hospital all afternoon after retrieving them from Action Inc.

When I initially approached AGH about a display, they said their gallery wall was booked two years in advance if I wanted to wait. When I explained the timely circumstances of the portrait series they agreed that it was important to find the space. So find space they did: Continue reading